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Special Issue on:

Advances in Edge Computing Enabled Sustainable Computing for Blockchain Systems and Industrial IoT

Edge Computing is an emerging distributing computing paradigm that promotes the computation and data storage closer to the sources of data. It also enables intelligent systems with increased network capacity, accessibility of the network, service quality and user experience. At the other hand, Blockchain is a contemporary technology that is widely exposed in Industrial sector and can make a great contribute to stability in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Blockchain can facilitate to preserve IIoT applications and retain the confidentiality of user/data, and the capacity to provide unauthorized reproductive and information services. The emerging needs have centered on data storage, computation, and low latency management in potentially healthcare, production engineering, smart cities, transportation, smart grids, and a wide number of sustainable environments.

Sustainable computing, providing the environment for reduction of energy requirement, is a key factor for energy constrained IoT devices. However, the AI and blockchain paradigms were not originally developed for this kind of IoT environment. Both technologies are computationally expensive and can introduce high bandwidth overhead and delays. These demanding performance and power requirements are not suitable for most IoT devices. This problem has been solved by emerging computing paradigms like edge computing have been introduced to offload computation-intensive tasks from lowpower IoT devices, many deep learning models still require to be executed in IoT devices due to security and privacy concerns (i.e., keep data locally). The research on new computing architecture, light-weight deep learning and blockchain technologies has received increasing attention in recent years.

The main objective of this special issue is to rediscover, redefine, and reestablish the most recent applications and advances of Edge Computing enabled Sustainable computing for Blockchain and IIoT to optimize industrial operations. We will welcome the submissions under this special issue in form of methodological, empirical and review papers that aim to provide worldwide researchers and practitioners an ideal platform to innovate new solutions targeting at the corresponding key challenges.

Tentative Topic Coverage:

  • AI and blockchain powered sustainable architectures for IoT applications
  • Theoretical aspects of AI and blockchain converged sustainable IoT
  • Privacy and accountability of AI-enabled sustainable IoT systems
  • Emerging computing architectures for sustainable IoT
  • Power-efficient computing architecture for IoT applications
  • Energy-efficient communication protocols for IoT systems powered by AI and blockchain
  • Security and privacy of sustainable computing for IoT applications
  • Case studies of sustainable Computing for emerging IoT applications powered by AI and blockchain


Submission Deadline: March, 2022

Lead Guest Editor:

Prof. Mukesh Soni,

Senior Member, IEEE

Email: [email protected]