About the Journal

The International Journal of Modern Research (IJMORE) constitutes an interdisciplinary, open access, and peer-reviewed scholarly periodical that is focused on accommodating theoretical, empirical, and scientific dimensions within the spectrum of diverse research domains. This journal serves as a global platform with the principal objective of fostering scholarly discourse and the dissemination of novel insights across an array of research fields, encompassing but not limited to Engineering, Science, Technology, Education, Management, Medical Sciences, Dental Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences, Health Care, Arts & Humanities, among others. The international editorial/reviewer board comprised of distinguished members affiliated with esteemed academic institutions, universities, and organizations worldwide, spanning regions such as the USA, UAE, UK, Canada, Australia, China, India, and Russia, assumes the responsibility of overseeing the rigor and quality of the contributions. Authors are extended an invitation to submit their scholarly contributions, subject to the stringent criterion of originality, wherein the submitted content must be devoid of prior publication and should not be concurrently under consideration by other scholarly conferences or journals. In the interest of maintaining the integrity of the scholarly discourse, the editorial team of IJMORE advocates against the simultaneous submission of identical manuscripts to multiple journals.