The Impact of COVID-19 on Remote Work: An Examination of Home-Based Work Consequences


  • Rakesh Kumar Department of Mathematics, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara-144411, Punjab, India
  • Gaurav Dhiman School of Sciences and Emerging Technologies, Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Punjab State Open University, Patiala-147001, Punjab, India
  • Kusum Yadav College of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Ha'il, Hail-1475852, Saudi Arabia


COVID-19, Pandemic, Remote work, Investigation, Workers


The global COVID-19 pandemic has compelled numerous corporations and multinational companies to transition to remote work. Consequently, employees have sought alternative working arrangements. The impact of the contemporary surge in remote work is profound, significantly transforming individuals' daily lives and professional trajectories. Working from home presents diverse challenges for employees, with varying outcomes. Telecommuting and teleworking have emerged as novel paradigms of professional engagement. This study focuses on assessing the impact of telecommuting on Indian workers. The investigation aims to scrutinize the influence of working conditions on mental health, work-life balance, physical health, and productivity. To achieve this, a questionnaire has been developed for comprehensive data collection. A total of 137 responses were gathered, encompassing 17 questions covering aspects such as productivity, company support, work-life balance, familial and professional conflicts, as well as physical and mental health. The ensuing analysis aims to provide valuable insights into the implications of remote work on the well-being and productivity of Indian workers.



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Kumar, R., Dhiman, G., & Yadav, K. (2023). The Impact of COVID-19 on Remote Work: An Examination of Home-Based Work Consequences. International Journal of Modern Research, 3(1), 1 - 11.